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About Youth Jobs SB

The job market is more competitive and challenging now than in previous generations. Employers have high expectations and an increasing demand for more education and skills. As a result, young people — especially those lacking access to quality education and reliable job training — find it hard to gain access to jobs, let alone thrive in the workforce.

Large disparities in education and economic outcomes persist for youth from different parts of the nation, and the same is true for some youth in South Bend. Youth Jobs SB can help close these gaps by providing intentional empowerment experiences, income for youth and their families and opportunities for on-the-job training and mentorship that serve as the critical “stepping stone” youth need to increase their ability to compete in today’s job market.

Youth Jobs SB is setting a table of empowerment, opportunity, engagement and leadership development not only for South Bend's youth, however also for parents, family members, community organizations, civic leaders, corporations, concerned citizens, and community leaders who are passionate about creating opportunities for youth, providing gainful experiences, and growing the economic prosperity in the city of South Bend and surrounding areas. Youth Jobs SB under the direction of Venues, Parks, & Arts with the city of South Bend utilizes its strategic partnerships and collaborations to provide youth services, programming, and experiences. Beginning summer 2020, Youth Jobs SB is providing several jobs to youth as well as several youth involvement experiences, such as employment boot camp(s), Skills Camps, job readiness and financial literacy training, and career and mentoring services, etc.