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Our Programs

How Youth Jobs SB Works

Our Programs are designed to provide positive experiences as well as to prepare youth for the workplace, creating transformational employment opportunities, while providing the resources and training needed to become 

impactful leaders in the workforce. 

Youth Jobs SB Program

        A.  Job Recruiting & Screening                                  

              Recruit youth from targeted areas where our program can be most impactful & provide screening

       B. Job Training & Placement     

             Selected youth are provided job readiness resources, opportunities & experiences to get them connected 

       C. Job Retention & Pathways   

            Working youth participants have access to ongoing trainings, resources, have access to a YJ Empowerment Coach,                                                        and are also provided direct connections with educational and vocational pathways.


Job Skills Camps

Any youth ages 12 – 18 group can participate in our Job Skills Camps. Our intention is to capture the attention of our youth through fun, interactive, and yet thought provoking activities.  These opportunities are more unique in that younger youth are able to participate and take atvantange of these impactful opportunities.


Youth Jobs SB  2 areas of participation. 

1.  Youth ages 15 - 21 are able to sign-up for Youth Jobs SB program to get to work

Youth Jobs SB Program 

2.  Youth ages 12 - 18 are able to sign up for our Job Skills Camp opportunities

Job Skills Camps & Opportunities