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Youth Jobs Program

• All targeted youth ages 15 to 21 have access to several resources such as a variety of trainings and skill building opportunities to prepare them and keep them successful in the work place. Employers receive job ready youth, while youth are equipped with skills that will stay with them throughout a duration of a life time. 

Youth have access to several resources including but not limited to:

  • Job readiness training
  • Year-round engagement opportunities
  • Life skills & leadership development training
  • Informational resources
  • Are assigned to a YJSB Empowerment Coach
  • Participate in our incentive program
  • Access to our health & wellness services
  • Access to friends & family involvement programs
  • Paired with educational & vocational pathways

Youth in some cases may begin working right away depending on available opportunities.  As youth participate in the program we work to connect them with a valuable work experience.  This allows for employers to  receive ready to work young people. youth are a ssigned a YJ Empowerment Coach. Coaches are available for support for both youth and employers as an advocate to assist in ensuring an overall successful process. currently youth are employed through VPA Summer job opportunities. In time we well expand our reach to include local businesses and other willing participant



Youth Jobs SB Program

Click to apply for Youth Jobs SB

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With the city of South Bend 

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